domenica 17 aprile 2011

Apennines - Ca' Bertacchi (RE) - March 18, 2011

I remember, back in 1990, when I came back to Reggio Emilia after living in flat Ontario for 10 years. To get used to shift gear again, one day I started driving on the hills surrounding the city. Suddenly I found myself in front of this magnificent view. I stopped the car and stood there in awe for a few minutes. What can I say... the Alps, the Rockies and other parts of the World are probably more spectacular and famous than Ca' Bertacchi but, since then, every so often I feel the need to come up here and take a look.

sabato 9 aprile 2011

Calatrava's Bridges - Reggio Emilia - February 26, 2011

The South Bridge seen from the little lake in San Prospero Strinati.

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